Svart by Jesper Nyrén

299 USD

Svart is a Special Edition of Mutewatch made in collaboration with the swedish artist Jesper Nyrén.

The product has details in gold and comes in a specially designed gift box featuring the pattern made especially for this collaboration.

Please note that the gold plated parts include small traces of nickel.


Jesper Nyrén

Jesper Nyrén graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2007 and has since then worked as an artist, conducting several one-man exhibitions and public pieces. An interest in the physical and linguistic potential within the art of painting dominates Nyrén’s artistry.

With history of abstract painting as his starting point, Nyrén explores the relationship between shape and content, between painting and architecture and between nature and construction. In everything from small intimate artworks to large formations, he creates situations in which the observer’s vision and curiosity is at the centre of attention.

Geometric shapes serve as a framework for Nyrén, where colour and material play a prominent role and where ideas can be moulded into the shape of signs and relationships rather than images.


a kaleidoscopic pattern

"In my collaboration with Mutewatch I have started with thoughts about time and repetition. I have created a kaleidoscopic pattern based on crystalline shapes that are repeated, mirrored and shift in different colours. The pattern is designed in relation to the watch’s specific shape and properties, and is also intended to bring to mind the passage of time as well as jewellery and ornaments."

Jesper Nyrén


Can I get Svart at a physical store?

Mutewatch Svart is sold exclusively at a few selected retailers throughout the world.

  • Cara&Co. [AUS]
  • The Good Will Out [DE]
  • Excelsior [IT]
  • Luisa Via Roma [IT]
  • Pause [SWE]
  • NK [SWE]
  • Storm [DK]
  • Cara&Co. [AUS]
  • 10 Corso Como [KOR]
  • Sportique [US]
Is the Mutewatch waterproof?

The Mutewatch is waterproof down to one hundred metres.

How many alarms can I set?

You can set up to five alarms. To learn how to set an alarm, please watch this video: